Monday, July 30, 2012

Bananas for Breakfast

Is anyone else having trouble keeping up with their bananas these days?

I normally have the occasional banana that browns before I can eat it.  It ends up in the freezer patiently awaiting its day to become banana bread.

However, recently, with all this hot weather, my bananas have had much more success than me with brown skin!

Thanks to this fellow blogger, I have a new recipe to use my mushy bananas with!

I love how this recipe uses raw oatmeal!

Use the link to check out the recipe!  

I changed a few things...I used only 1/2 cup of sugar and regular vanilla yogurt instead.

I also think I will throw in some cinnamon next time!

These muffins are delicious with a light spreading of butter, jam, cream cheese, or just plain!  We had guests on Saturday morning, so they paired deliciously with fresh fruit, scrambled eggs and veggies, portobello and onion bread toast, turkey bacon, and coffee, of course!

Mmm...doesn't get much better!

Combine with a morning run, walk, or run/walk.  Beat the heat and get out there before the sun does!

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