Monday, July 23, 2012

Italian Duo

What could be better than an 8 mile hike rewarded with a fantastic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Nothing, right?

Except, perhaps, an amazing dinner paired with delicious wine and great friends!

My cousin-in-law Noah started us off with some crusty bread dipped in garlic and herb infused olive oil.

He then took some whole wheat linguini and tossed it with basil pesto, chunks of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. 

Then I roasted some vegetables in the idea I got from this blog! I made my own bread crumbs using garlic ciabatta in the food processor and used goat cheese instead of romano.  Mmm....

After a long day of hiking, this meal was exactly what we needed.  Fresh ingredients, not too filling...we called it our post-workout carb load!

Combine with an outdoor hike...your glutes and quads will thank you the next day!

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