Friday, April 27, 2012

Something Sweet

If you market this one as you cookie, you might get some weird looks.

But if you are on the lookout for some homemade chewy granola bars that can be eaten alone, as cereal, or sprinkled on yogurt, look no further!

This recipe was inspired by Blueberry Girl!

1/2 cups old fashioned rolled oats
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon cloves
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 cup of peanut butter
1/2 cup mixed nuts, finely chopped
1 cup dried fruit (I used 1/2 dried cherries, and 1/2 raisins)

2 ripe bananas, mashed
1/4 cup apple sauce
1/4 cup canola oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 375F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a large bowl, combine rolled oats, peanut butter, mixed nuts and coconut flakes. Stir in spices. Add dried fruit and stir until well and evenly mixed. Make sure the dried fruit do not stick together in big batches.
In another bowl, combine canola oil, mashed banana, applesauce, and vanilla extract. Pour wet ingredients over dry ingredients and stir until well combined.

Form dough into balls and place on baking sheet. Bake for about 20 minutes or until edges are golden brown.

I had to make these "cookies" for a work event, so I drizzled some dark chocolate on top!  I would also consider mixing in chocolate chips to make them sweeter. 

 But, for a nice hearty granola cookie, keep it simple!

Combine with a Friday style workout...get out there and move but keep it chill.  You've had a long week!  Mr. PT and I got in about 15 miles on the bikes, but I was coasting and enjoying the scenery. Ah!

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's For Dinner?

Hmm...good question.

As I am washing dishes from breakfast, folding dry laundry, sorting dirty clothes, and frantically trying to get the house in a state of organization after a hectic day of work, I am asking myself this question.

Luckily, Mom saves the day again.

"I wanted to call and tell you what's on my stove right now so you can replicate!"

Music to my ears!  With the exception of a few ingredient variations, I have a 5 star meal in the works.  I quickly clean my sweet potatoes and lay out my skillets, pots and other utensils before rushing off to the gym for a quick (30 minute) workout.

This blog is living proof that you can cook healthy meals, have a family, keep a job, and exercise all in one day!

Saute onions, red peppers, sweet potatoes, eggplant and mushrooms in olive oil with some seasonings (I used Mexican flavors).  Add about a cup of low fat/low sodium chicken broth and simmer.  While that's simmering, cook some quinoa in chicken broth or water.  Throw the soft veggies on top of the fluffed quinoa, sprinkle with fresh parmesan, and pair with fresh avocado and crusty bread.


Add chicken or pork if that's up your alley!

So...what's for dinner??

Combine with a quick workout on a cold day...get to the gym and go go go for 30 minutes.  Head to the weight room and warm up with 3 sets of 20 reps with biceps, shoulders, and legs (squats, lunges).  Next, use a weight resistance machine to target triceps and lats.  Next, head to a mat and alternate abdominal and back exercises.  Finally, find a flat surface and alternate push-ups with leg stretches.  Go home and fix that dinner!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Breakfast for Easter!

Sorry again for my absence.  It is crunch time at work right now and I unfortunately have been bringing work home, which is such a bummer.

I thought I would share my fantastic Easter feast with you!!  I say this in jest because Mr. PT and I had a quiet Easter this year without the influx of family.  I missed seeing everyone, but we still managed to have a special day.  We woke up to sing at mass, hopped on our bikes and enjoyed a 30 mile ride in perfect weather.  We then came home to enjoy our own version of the Easter ham.

Spinach-Egg Frittata

I have been wanting to try a frittata for some time.  When I realized it would only be the two of us for Easter, I figured I would get some nice hearty bacon and serve it with fancy eggs.  It was delicious!  I got the recipe here!  I sauteed peppers with the onions instead of sun-dried tomatoes and used Jarlsberg cheese on top rather the goat cheese (although the goat cheese would be delicious!).  

This was the perfect meal to pack on some protein after a long workout and it made fantastic leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

Happy Easter!

Combine with race season!  So far we've done a 10k.  We are signed up for another 10k and a bike race in a few weeks.  Check out the local races in your area!  Training is fun and it's a great way to challenge yourself.  If you need the extra motivation, get a buddy involved!


Monday, April 2, 2012

You won't know until you TRY

Today I did something I can say I have never done!

I've been running since high school, but growing up in Ohio I was pretty confined to concrete roads and the occasional gravel trail around a pond.  Since moving here to Roanoke, however, the ante has been raised!

When Mr. PT and I moved here it did not take long for us to get bit by the hiking bug.  I promptly bought some trail running shoes (I figured they would be good for both running and hiking) and started to get familiar with the terrain.

Today, I ran 5.7 miles up, down, then up a nearby mountain.  Wow, it was not for the faint of heart!  My running buddy and I were grunting up every climb and sliding down every hill.  But the overlooks, blooming trees, and smells of the outdoors made it so worth it.

You may be thinking to yourself, psh, I could never do that.  Well, in fact, you can.  You just have to try.  You may not win any awards or be able to walk with comfort the next day.  But the day after that you'll feel better, and the day after that you'll want to do it again.  Create a goal, make a plan, then eat some of this for motivation!

 Whole wheat penne pasta with sauteed red pepper, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and spinach
seasoned with olive oil, lemon, garlic, Italian seasonings, and parmesan cheese

Saute veggies and cook pasta separately.  Add cooked pasta to softened veggies.  Season.  Add chopped tomatoes. Enjoy.

Combine with something you've never done, whether it be a 1 mile run or a triathlon.  You can do it.