Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back porch salad

Glenn and I were meandering the local farmers market recently with my mom and we stumbled upon an amazing invention! The salad pot! A large pot filled with planted lettuce, chard, and spinach! It's so convenient! It sits on our front porch, so when we want a salad, all we have to do is chop off a few stalks and throw them on a plate! Amazing!

I must say! The lettuce is much more flavorful than the store bought stuff. See of you can find one of these, or better yet, plant your own!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Slow cooker flautas!

Today was Mr. PT's first official day of summer vacation, so what do I tell him to do while I'm at work? Make dinner of course!

Luckily for him, I already had a plan.

Into a slow cooker, he put:
-a 1 lb roast
-1 green pepper, quartered
-1 red pepper, quartered
-1 red onion, quartered
-an almost full jar of mild salsa
-a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper

He cooked this on low (while lounging around the house) for about 7 hours. By the time I got home it was deliciously marinated in salsa and pull-apart tender. Yum!

I shredded the meat and sliced the gooey vegetables. Then I filled whole wheat flour tortillas (no lard, no trans fat) with the meat mixture and cheese.

I heated a skillet with olive oil and browned off the little burritos...flautas!

We ate these with salsa and homemade guacamole. Yum! I browned five of them for dinner and put the uncooked ones (about 12) in the freezer for crazy baby days.

Happy summer to Mr. PT! 6 more weeks till baby!