Sunday, July 1, 2012

When times are tough, read a food blog

The storm hit our part of Virginia around 9pm Friday night.  Mr. PT and I were in a restaurant sharing drinks with friends when the power went out.  

It has been out since then.

It might not be back on until Saturday.

Did I mention it's been about 100 degrees every day, and the heat will be sticking around for the next week or so?

*insert big long sigh here*

So Mr. PT and are trying to stay positive and make the most of the situation.  Starbucks has become our office, the YMCA is our bathroom, and Mr. PT's office is our dining room.  I'm mostly concerned about all of our wonderful vegetables struggling to stay cool!

When times are tough, it's important to focus on the positive.  Our house is safe, we are alive, and when depressing thoughts linger, I can find comfort in all my favorite food blogs!  The beautiful pictures and salivating descriptions are sure to lift any mood.

Before the power cut out, I was able to make a refreshing pasta dish created by this talented blogger.  It calls for fresh ingredients and tangy seasonings.  If you have the electricity to boil water, I suggest you not take it for granted and serve this for dinner tonight.

Again, see the recipe here!

The only change I made was with the lemon zest...I used lime zest instead with a squirt of lemon juice.  I also added mushrooms and sweet onions to the sizzling zucchini.

Don't take your refrigerator and stove for granted!  Get in that kitchen and cook!

Combine with the best way to cool your core body temp...jump in a pool, whether indoor or out.  Tread water or swim some laps for the best non-impact sport you can do.  

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