Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nature's Cure

What a mild winter we have had.  Yesterday was no exception!  The sun was shining and the outdoors were begging us to get some fresh air.  So Mr. PT and I donned our hiking gear, finished our typical Saturday routine of coffee and shopping at the city market, then made our way to a local trailhead.  We had other plans for the day, so we chose a 3 mile round trip hike.  It was truly wonderful to be outside in the sun, breathing in some mountain air.

The whole trip took about 1:40, and I will admit, Mr. PT and I are both a little sore today! Alright!

I believe outdoor exercise to not only be good for your calves and glutes, but also beneficial to your mind and soul.  I was actually feeling a little mentally under the weather yesterday.  Stress and restless sleep for five days straight left me feeling anxious and unable to catch up Friday night.  I woke up Saturday feeling more tired and lousy.  I contemplated going back to bed or spending the day watching movies in my pajamas, attempting to clear my mind.  However, the weather was too promising and I chose instead to get outside and move.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have chosen the latter.  Immersing yourself into nature balances your perspective on life.  Watching the animals scavenge for food and observing the trees' brave front against the winter months can give you the hope you need to overcome the challenges in your own life.

Not to say extra sleep and PJ days are bad...those are essential sometimes, too!  But next time you feel the gloom and doom from the world on your shoulders, try to muster up the energy to walk to a nearby park, forest, or river.  You might be surprised how your outlook on life can become a little brighter.

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