Saturday, March 24, 2012

I need food NOW

You know the feeling.  You get home from work and realize you've been ignoring your stomach for the past three hours and you're famished.  Or you wake up after a long, restful sleep and the first thing you hear is your stomach growling.  You need food and you need it NOW.

When you are in such a state of hunger, you may not think as much about healthy choices.  However, this is where your brain has to come forward and say...

Stop! You are not going to starve! 

Take an extra 5-10 minutes and make yourself a healthy snack instead of chowing down on pretzels.  I'm not saying you have to eat celery and drink V8 (although if you want to, go for it!).  Is it pizza you want?  Here is a healthier, homemade combination that may make everything better.

corn tortilla with basil-feta cheese, spinach leaves and low-fat pepperoni

Throw this pie in the toaster oven, microwave, or hot pan and you've got those hunger pains covered.

Okay, so you made it through the afternoon and you filled your stomach at dinner...before you know it you've gone to bed and woken up with another demanding tummy.  What is it you want to eat...waffles? Home fries?  Before you give in to your morning cravings, try to eat some fruit, whole grains, and low fat dairy.  Top it off with a big glass of water and you'll have completed your own mini-detox for the day.

low-fat vanilla yogurt with grape nuts, whole grain bread with honey, fresh pineapple and orange

Is it worth the extra 5-10 minutes?  In a word, YES.

Combine with that playground workout routine you have missed so much!  Run or walk to a jungle gym and make your own circuit with push ups, pull ups, sit ups, tricep lifts, lunges, and squats.

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