Monday, April 2, 2012

You won't know until you TRY

Today I did something I can say I have never done!

I've been running since high school, but growing up in Ohio I was pretty confined to concrete roads and the occasional gravel trail around a pond.  Since moving here to Roanoke, however, the ante has been raised!

When Mr. PT and I moved here it did not take long for us to get bit by the hiking bug.  I promptly bought some trail running shoes (I figured they would be good for both running and hiking) and started to get familiar with the terrain.

Today, I ran 5.7 miles up, down, then up a nearby mountain.  Wow, it was not for the faint of heart!  My running buddy and I were grunting up every climb and sliding down every hill.  But the overlooks, blooming trees, and smells of the outdoors made it so worth it.

You may be thinking to yourself, psh, I could never do that.  Well, in fact, you can.  You just have to try.  You may not win any awards or be able to walk with comfort the next day.  But the day after that you'll feel better, and the day after that you'll want to do it again.  Create a goal, make a plan, then eat some of this for motivation!

 Whole wheat penne pasta with sauteed red pepper, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and spinach
seasoned with olive oil, lemon, garlic, Italian seasonings, and parmesan cheese

Saute veggies and cook pasta separately.  Add cooked pasta to softened veggies.  Season.  Add chopped tomatoes. Enjoy.

Combine with something you've never done, whether it be a 1 mile run or a triathlon.  You can do it.

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