Monday, March 11, 2013

Mr. PT gets fishy

Mr. PT has been doing a great job keeping up with his Thursday night dinners.  And I will admit, there are several things he makes better than I do:

-pancakes (the griddle part)
-hamburgers (major fail on that one yesterday)

I don't really cook fish that much because he always takes over!  It was one of the first things he made for me when we started dating so it's kind of a tradition.

Last week he got a nice cut of Salmon from Fresh Market.  He cut it up into thirds, put it on a rack above a baking sheet, seasoned them with a little olive oil, salt/pepper, and lemon, and broiled them on both sides until cooked thoroughly.

He also baked up some nice asparagus (dressed the same way, except with some powdered garlic) in the oven.  This takes slightly longer to bake so stick them in a 350 oven for about 15 minutes before you put the fish in to broil.

Simple and yummy!

Salmon is full of those great "fatty acids" we hear so much about.  They reduce inflammation, prevent obesity, clear your arteries...they're just awesome.  If you're pregnant, they give a nice little boost to your baby's developing brain.

Not a fish lover?  Fatty acids are also in walnuts, flax, and sardines.

Asparagus is your average amazing green vegetable.  Full of nutrients such as Vitamin B, calcium, name it.

The research is still out there, however, I think you are better off eating foods like these that are naturally full of "good stuff" rather than trying to supplement your body with vitamins.  Vitamins and supplements are man-made, and can only do so much.  Besides, our bodies were meant to eat food, break it down, and absorb the nutrients...not swallow pills.

Am I taking a prenatal vitamin you wonder?  Yes!  But am I still trying to keep my diet full of all this "good stuff?"  Of course!  

Combine with a good stretch...back pain can be a pain.  Striking a pose like downward dog and child's pose may relieve you of that ache in your arch.

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