Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eating Cincy Style

Mr. PT and I spent last weekend visiting friends and family in Cincinnati, OH.  We held a lot of babies, drank/smelled a lot of beer, and of course, ate some excellent food!

I wish I had done a better job with documenting, but a major highlight of the weekend was visiting the local brewery 50 West.  We grabbed some pizza from across the street and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of the tasting room.

I had a wood-fired bianca pizza (olive oil instead of red sauce) with roasted peppers and arugula.  It was delicious!  Me and baby ate the whole thing on our own, haha. 

I was a major fan of this event.  The pizza was incredibly fresh tasting and the beer, so I heard, was delicious.  I did take a little sip of the Speedbump Kolsch, which was quite tasty!

My awesome mom also showed up on Saturday with two homemade chicken pot pies.  I unfortunately did not get a picture of these before they were devoured by the crowd, but I will tell you that I have a mental image of Mr. PT eating scraps out of the pie dish after dinner.  They were that good.

See her recipe here.

I love traveling and eating amazing food!!

Combine with driving to a walk.  Tired of walking in your neighborhood, seeing the same houses with the same barky dogs?  Hop in your car, drive to a new neighborhood, and walk there!  Maybe visit a friend's neighborhood and have him/her lead the way!

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