Thursday, August 23, 2012


Oh my, we have a lot of potatoes.

Red, white, purple...they are stacking up in my pantry!!

I love roasted potatoes with veggies and herbs, but the other night, I had a hankering for mashed potatoes.  But I didn't have any butter or cream in the house.

Luckily, I found this recipe to help me out!

I did not have parsnips or blue cheese, so I used sliced peppers and cheddar cheese instead.

I know what you are thinking...delicious, but not exactly nutritious, right??

Wrong!  In small servings, I (and Mr. PT) consider this to be a rather healthy entree.  Like I mentioned before, there is not butter or milk, unlike most mashed potatoes.  There are no preservatives, like most instant brands.  And the silky potatoes are laced with freshly sauteed vegetables.  Did we go overboard on the cheese?  Nope.  Did we pair it with fresh fruit? Yes!

This dish also survived two days of packed lunches!  I love that!

Combine with a jump in the pool.  Need a routine?
-10 laps warm up
-5 laps kickboard
-5 laps freestyle
-5 laps pull
-10 laps medly/choice (4 free, 3 back, 3 breast)

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