Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Formula for satisfying a craving

Comfort food + healthy choice.

This is a good formula for those of us with the occasional hankering for greasy, cheesy food. (occasional???)

Tonight I wanted to celebrate a long, rough day of work followed by a long tough class at the gym with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Not just any grilled cheese...a grilled cheese with freshly baked herb bread, real butter, garlic seasonings, and sliced manchego cheese.


So this is not the healthiest option in the world, I get that.  However, you can't be 100% healthy all the time.  This is why I paired it with a fresh salad (using my GFGP greens!) topped with strawberries, corn, walnuts, and a sprinkle of cheese.  Dressed with balsamic/oil dressing.


Still yum!

Combine with a mix of arms and abs.  Complete 30 minutes of push-ups alternating with ab exercises.  Trust me, you'll feel it.  If you're not into floor push-ups lean against a wall and do them there.


Adele said...

yummy! glad you're putting that Cincinnati manchego cheese to work.

Elizabeth K said...

Mmmm...thanks for the comment! It made for an awesome sandwich!