Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Favorite Kind of Cake...


Who says pancakes can't be healthy?  If you eat them in a restaurant, they are usually full of butter and drenched in syrup...the epitome of fat and sugar!  But if you stay in your robe and slippers and make them at home, you might be surprised how light and fluffy you feel afterwards!

I use Hodgson Mill Buckwheat pancake mix and follow the directions on the box.  And then I add about a cup of oatmeal!  

The oatmeal adds a little heartiness to the cakes, and creates a great texture.

Top with some vanilla yogurt, fruit, and a touch of maple syrup if you just can't live without it.  Or make them your own and add whatever you want! Enjoy!

Combine with a long, leisurely walk taking a good look at the changing leaves.  It only comes once a year!

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