Saturday, September 10, 2011

Steam Up Some Fiber

Looking for a new way to get fiber into your diet?  Try a steamer!

It might be that extra "something" that will convince you to eat more vegetables.  Instead of cooking veggies like broccoli, carrots, and green beans in boiling water (causing them to get "water logged" as Mr. PT says), boil a small amount of water in a pot, place the steamer in the pot (which conforms to your pot size), place the veggies in and let them cook!  This is also a healthier option because it keeps all the nutrients in those delicious greens instead of allowing them to leak out into the hot water.

Mr. PT and I enjoyed some deliciously steamed broccoli with butter and a touch of salt alongside a yummy cheese dip.  I have to admit, I took this recipe from another food blog and tweaked it...I couldn't resist!

For the cheese spread, you will need:
-1/3 cup of goat cheese
-1/3 cup loosely packed basil leaves
-1 clove garlic
-1 tbs olive oil
-1 red pepper, roasted
-red/black pepper
-touch of salt

Roast the red pepper by lightly coating it in olive oil and grilling it on high heat or cooking it in a broiler, turning it so all sides are cooked (it's okay if the skin gets a little charred).  When it's done cooking, put the pepper in a bowl and cover it for 5-10 minutes (this steams the insides).  Remove from the bowl and peel the skin off.  Remove seeds.

In a food processor, mix basil, garlic, olive oil, red/black pepper and salt.  Add roasted red pepper and blend.  Spread goat cheese on a plate or in the bottom of a bowl and top with red pepper mix.  Dip with crackers or bread.  Enjoy!

Combine with house chores!  Functionally work all those muscles by running the sweeper, scrubbing your floors, washing the car, mowing the lawn, and sweeping the porch.  Even I was a little sore after all this!

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