Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saving up for Winter

I love food in the wintertime...warm soups, hot casseroles, steamy tea.  However, during those frigid months, I often look back and miss the carefree days of summer and their abundance of fresh produce.  Eating peaches and tomatoes in January is not quite the same as eating them in July.

So this year I will try to plan ahead.  My goal is to stock my freezer the best I can with seasonal fruits and veggies that will taste like summer in the coming colder months.  It's pretty easy, just buy the food in bulk at your farmer's market (their seasonal produce tends to be the yummiest), chop it up appropriately, secure it in a freezer-safe bag, and stuff it in your freezer.  How easy is that?

How delicious will this sweet corn taste 5 months from now??

Combine with 30 minutes of swimming...if you are not a lap swimmer, see if your gym has water aerobics.  Or, use a water belt (most pools provide them) and "water jog" back and forth.  OR, use that belt and just tread water for 30 minutes!  If you think you'll get bored, bring a friend!  I cannot stress enough how good swimming can be for exercise, especially if exercise is not your favorite thing.  It's refreshing, fun, and extremely beneficial.  No pools nearby?  See if your local high school or university has a lap pool...they usually advertise open swim times.

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