Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Give Quinoa a Chance!

The first 3 challenges of cooking with quinoa is figuring out how to say it, how to spell it, then where to find it in the grocery store.  It took me a while to complete these three steps, but once I did, it was easy to prepare and well worth the trouble!

You pronounce this grain-like seed as /keenn-wa/.  It can be an excellent choice if you are getting tired of rice and pasta.  It contains a lot of essential protein, has a light, nutty flavor, and is gluten free if you are sensitive to that sort of thing.  Overall, I was impressed with its compatibility with a few different flavors I tried in this dish.

Quinoa with pesto, salad, and fresh bread

This dish hardly needs a recipe.  Basically, I cooked the quinoa according to the box, topped it with homemade pesto (see pesto recipe in previous entries), and accompanied it with a fresh salad with veggies and goat cheese.  I tend to mush all my foods together when I eat, so I tried the quinoa with pesto only, with tomatoes and mushrooms, with lettuce and goat cheese...the possibilities were endless.  And the taste was always fantastic.  I hope to try other quinoa pairings as I become more familiar with this seed-like grain.

Oh, and you can find this elusive product in the international or organic section of your grocery store! 

Combine with 30 minutes of lap swimming and 10-20 minutes of abdominal exercises.


Kelly B said... where do you find it in the grocery store? I've looked.... and just in case you didn't know - quinoa is on the top 8 foods to a flat belly :) That's why I was looking for it....!

Elizabeth said...

Nice! Well, I'm not sure where anything is in the Gigantic Eagle, haha! But, I would try the section that has all the organic grains and pastas. That's where I found it in Kroger!