Monday, April 25, 2011

Grown-Up Taste Buds

Everyone has a certain food they hate.  Not a food you do not care for, or that you do not choose to eat, I mean hate.  For me, it's olives.  I have always hated olives and probably always will.  So much for looking sophisticated with my dirty martinis.  Oh well.

When I was little, I hated brussel sprouts.  Yuck.  Just the smell of them coming out of a pot of boiling water and steaming in my face made me gag.  I remember thinking no amount of butter could make those mini cabbages edible.  Yuck.

However, my tongue has grown some new taste buds, and I now have a soft place in my heart for these awkward little green balls.  I would not choose to eat them every night (mostly because they produce some weird tasting burps) but once in a while, I will serve them as a nice side dish.

I did some quick research on these gemmiferas, and apparently they contain some pretty potent chemicals that boost DNA repair in cells, and may even block the growth of cancer cells.  Pretty cool!

You are better off baking or stir frying brussel sprouts, instead of boiling.  Boiling causes the antioxident chemicals to leak out.  I like to bake them with olive oil, rosemary, and black/red pepper.  They are incredibly easy to make and are surprisingly quite yummy.

Follow these simple steps:
-cut the stalks off the brussel sprouts, peel off the outer layer of cabbage, and slice in half
-spread them on a cookie sheet covered in aluminum foil
-drizzle with olive oil
-sprinkle with rosemary and pepper, salt if desired
-mix around and bake on a 375 oven for about 25 minutes

Add that to your vegetable repertoire!

I served these with fresh hummus made in the food processor.  My mom came up with the idea of adding dill to the hummus and I must admit, it's a great addition! 

Not the most colorful meal I've prepared, but hey, can't win em all!

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