Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Operation "fat baby"

We had baby's 9 month appointment this week and she was on the low end for weight. I'm not especially concerned about this because everything else is measuring normal and we have some petit genes in our family, however, I would like to see a little more pudge on this little girl!

My pediatrician suggested adding more meat to her diet, along with full fat yogurt and butter. This is tricky because everyone keeps telling us, "give her the food you eat!" As you know, Mr. PT and I just don't eat a whole lot of meat, and butter is usually reserved for bread!

But, I'm on a mission now, so here we go!

I boiled some chicken breasts in water then threw them in my food processor. I put about a 1/3 of the chicken in my fridge to use for the week and the rest went into the freezer. Done!

Then I browned off some 86% lean ground beef and did the same. Done!

So for lunch this week, baby enjoyed some baked squash mixed with chicken and a small pad of butter. I rolled it into child-friendly balls so she could feed herself.

Did she eat these? Yes!

So I followed this regimen for two days:
Breakfast: fresh fruit, oatmeal, full fat yogurt, flax (all purée)
Lunch: vegetable with chicken and butter
Snack: puff cereal and avocado in chunks
Dinner: vegetable with beef and butter

At dinner on day 2, baby revolted. Too much for her little tummy! So now I am supplementing yogurt at breakfast and lunch, saving the meat for dinner only.

She seems to be adjusting well to this! Babies are like us adults...the numbers change as we age so we have to constantly tweak and change our healthy habits!

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