Monday, February 3, 2014

I'll never buy granola bars again!

In deep conversations about food, (yes, I find myself having those), I have heard people say, "I never buy granola bars, they are so easy to make!" And I have thought to myself, Nature Valley? Mojo? Luna bars? They seem kind of complicated!

So when I saw this snazzy blogger's recipe, I had to try it for myself!

Following her directions, I melted my butter, brown sugar, and honey.

I was slightly nervous about boiling this mixture the right amount of time.  I followed her directions and got lucky, I guess!

Instead of chocolate chips, I mixed in some trail mix, taking out most of the big almonds and cashews (eating them on the way to the gym this morning, haha).

After putting the mixture in the dish, I put wax paper over the top so I could press it down with my hands.  The directions said to really smash it, so that's what I did!

They set up beautifully!  And they are DELICIOUS!  It's official!  I'll never buy granola bars again! 

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