Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year

I must apologize for my absence!  I could give a myriad of excuses dealing with school, traveling, and overall holiday craziness, but let's not get into it!

Instead, let's review the holiday season.  Mr. PT and I were able to spend time with friends here in town and travel to see old yet familiar faces.  And we ate a lot of great food!  You can imagine how this time of year can be a setback for people trying to stay healthy and fit.  However, with an optimistic mindset and some self control, I guarantee anyone can overcome being an outright glutton.

Some tips from a personal trainer to prevent holiday over-eating:

-Eat will prevent you from overeating later!

-When available, eat fruit and plain vegetables...if this means you have to stop at a grocery store and keep some bananas, apples and oranges in your car, do it!

-When at a restaurant, split a meal with your spouse or friend.

-Limit yourself to 1-2 "dessert" items a day and STOP when you reach your limit!

-Exercise...traveling can make this difficult, but Mr. PT and I still managed to get a few runs, walks and even a swim in!  Ask friends and family if they have a free pass to their gym, walk the family dog, run to a nearby playground and do some strength training.

-Drink drink drink water water water...alcohol may be flowing every night but that doesn't mean you have to be a sot!  Have 1 glass of wine or beer and drink water the rest of the night.  Allow yourself 1-2 nights of tipsiness, after all, it is the holiday season!

-Do not get discouraged...if you have a rough day for eating, tell yourself you'll do better tomorrow.  If you get down on yourself your poor eating habits will continue!

I realize this list is coming a little late to some, but the next holiday is right around the corner.  Or maybe you can read this list and think, wow, I actually did pretty well this year! Or perhaps you can use this as a starting point for some new year resolutions.

Either way, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I hope this new year of 2012 brings everyone joy, peace, and good health.  To life!

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