Tuesday, February 8, 2011

super bowl fever

I know this may be a sore subject for some (and a victorious reminder for others), but I had to post on the Superbowl Extravaganza that was this past Sunday night.  Mr. PT and I had some friends and family over to watch the Steelers and Packers dual, and it was a great time.  I love playing host to good friends and family, sharing food, laughs, and favorite spirits.  However, we also had to watch Mr. PT squirm as his beloved team marched off the field in defeat.  Oh well, there is always next year.

When providing food for company, especially to munch during the Superbowl, there is some pressure to present all greasy, salty, rich, fatty foods.  However, I have to eat this stuff too, so I try to make a compromise.  I believe the spread we had Sunday night was a nice mix.

We made a homemade pizza with fresh ingredients, pigs in a blanket (a classic favorite), whole grain tortilla chips with salsa, fresh guacamole, and a sour cream based dip, broccoli salad, fresh fruit, and ribs from my brother in law's grill.  More guests came later with MORE fresh guacamole (I liked his recipe better!), potato salad, and spinach-artichoke dip.  We had plenty of food for everyone without over-indulging. In fact, Mr. PT and I were blessed with leftovers for Monday!

So there you go, an example of how to serve party food with some healthy and homemade dishes.  I promise your guests will not complain.

If you happen to be a guest at a party that is stocked with delicious, but not necessarily nutritious items, here are some "psychology of eating" tips you can use to prevent guilt from overindulgence:

1) Take one plate, fill it with all the food you want to eat, and stop after that is gone

2) Eat a light snack before you go, don't arrive famished

3) Drink spirits or pop out of tall, skinny glasses...you will perceive it as holding more liquid and end up drinking less!

4) Be aware that we humans eat MORE when we are with people we know and feel comfortable with

5) Finally, if there is more variety of foods, we eat more!  Be aware of this, and take smaller portions if you want to try everything

Remember, we eat to live, we don't live to eat! 

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